public relations




Engage Atlantic has provided senior Strategic counsel for some of the biggest events and issues in our region and across the country..

>   event management

>   brand management

>   advertising and design

>   online campaigns

>   product placement

>   product launches

>   general publicity

>   viral and email marketing

>   brand and personality profiling

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stakeholder Engagement

The key to winning for any business or organization is its ability to connect with its key stakeholders. From employees to customers and everyone in between, your ability to create relationships based on trust and understanding is the number one ingredient for success.

Engage Atlantic understands the importance of these relationships and how they can be fostered to grow.

The work we have done with clients in the sporting, gaming, fishery, health and energy sectors has delivered solid results that improved employee engagement, customer ratings and public approval.

Don’t guess what your stakeholders think of you - make sure and develop strategy based on real input, real opinions and real experiences.

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shared value



Creating Shared Value is based on the concept that successful businesses and society are linked at all levels.

Certainly, this is not a new concept.

It is well understood that businesses depend on a healthy, educated workforce, a sustainable supply of raw materials and resources, and enabling policy environments and governance structures in order to compete effectively and ethically.

In return, businesses create wealth and, in turn, tax revenues, over and above the creation of their own Corporate Social Responsibility programs and partnerships for giving back to their communities. The end result is that society benefits overall.

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